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Yamaha Music School Now Enrolling!

With centres in over 40 countries, the Yamaha Music School was launched at Fifty One East in October, 2013. The trial class has since gone on to become a fully-fledged learning experience that engages not only the children in class but also encourages interaction with their parents beyond it.

The Junior Music Course, considered the core of the Yamaha Music Education System, targets children between the ages of four and six years old, introducing them to the fundamentals of music at an age when they can learn quickly and can absorb aural skills to the optimum. The two-year course is designed to provide a strong musical foundation, which can be valuable for further piano or instrumental study. At the end of the Junior Music Course students sit a Fundamental Skills Survey test which provides an assessment covering all areas of their musical development. In addition to instruction in basics such as keyboard performance, singing and aural skills, the Yamaha Music School method also encourages creativity in children and develops their self-discipline and social skills.