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Darwish Holding awarded the Ricoh International Office Automation (OA) Certificate


Darwish Holding, through its technological arm, of Darwish technology, proudly announces it has been appointed Ricoh’s Certified Production Printing Professional Services Provider in Qatar. Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services.

Darwish Technology was awarded the Ricoh International Office Automation (OA) Certificate, recognizing a high level of technological excellence and satisfaction of customers through Ricoh Office Automation Products and Services. The new acclaim will allow Darwish Technology to introduce hardware and software solutions in Qatar for corporate turnkey solutions, as well as to provide the highest level of after sales service to benefit customers.

The distinction certifies Darwish Technology has successfully completed all Ricoh Services certification requirements, qualifying them to analyze customer business challenges and prescribe custom services drawing from the Ricoh Production Printing Business Group’s expertise.

Merging exceptional local insight with a global outlook, Darwish Holding and its units, including Darwish Technology, are uniquely positioned to be the partner of choice for ambitious brands keen to establish a presence in Qatar. Darwish Holding was chosen due to its firm understanding of the local market and its high-quality proposition, which has consistently been offering customers a modern and exciting buying experience, while displaying a sharp eye for the latest trends that will soon become indispensable within the global technology environment.

Also, Darwish Holding is widely regarded for its strength and market leadership, with an established distribution network across Qatar including the flagship department store Fifty One East. The group offers superior and excellent after sales services, with more than 65 in-house technicians and engineers along with a strong B2B network covering education, corporate and hospitality sectors amongst others.

Darwish Holding manages a portfolio of prominent companies that offer high-quality products and exceptional services across diverse business environments. Founded in the 1900s, Darwish Holding has swiftly expanded and now has diversified business interests across a spectrum of industries including consumer distribution, investment, retail, real estate and business services.

Both names complement one another in terms of legacy and market position, and Darwish Holding is confident that Ricoh’s appointment will be a strategic milestone contributing to the organization’s expansion and growth plans.